Fivehunderd+ Connections and a thousand Friends

English Book Cover

Curious in things that really matter to people, interest in the connection between other human beings has raised her enthusiasm to look for the person behind her LinkedIn connections and Facebook friends as a subject for her first book in the Dutch language:
'Five hundred+ Connections and a thousand Friends'

Kara has started writing her second book in the English language:  'FAME, LOVE, DREAMS & REGRETS ' 
Accompanied by a professional photographer she will travel around the world to meet 17 amazing people from different countries and different backgrounds. 

17 people- 17 questions
These 17 global citizens are asked 17 questions about life’s issues. About happiness and Success. What does Fame mean to them? How they think about the World at present? What’s their Strength?  Did their Dreams come true? And how did they cope with misfortunes? Do they have Regrets? And what about Love? The result will be a book full of surprising and interesting stories from inspiring people.
Kara interviewed amongst others a director-physician of a men's health clinic, an international keynote speaker born in Gambia, a Swiss singer-art collector, a French film director/producer, a British black and white pen artist .
A portion of the proceeds of the book will go to the Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for Children#
# The MMCC and its local partner, the Afghan Educational Children’s Circus (AECC), together form a cooperative International/Afghan non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young people. The goal is to give children the tools they need so they can themselves develop creative and novel ways of spreading fun education throughout Afghanistan.






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